Monday, August 22, 2005

Metallagher Banned From Mad Planet!!!

Metallagher was banned from our first venue: Mad Planet in Milwauke. We were complimented on how well we cleaned after the show by employees there. The sound guy had a frog up his ass the whole night, and had a problem with having to clean the cords even though we cleaned most of his cords. We did break a microphone, but we fucking paid for it. I thought everything was cool until I wrote a thank you e-mail to the promoter Jeremy. Here was his reply:

"I would love to have ya back. Next time we will do it at Onopa. The sound man tells me that both you and I are banded from the Mad Planet. Fuck em. Before you got there they were mentoring me in the ways to get out of guarantees. Give me a few months to get settled and we will do it again. I truly loved it, I would have loved it more had I not had to worry about Rose. See ya soon, Jeremy"

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