Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Metallagher's New Year's Dyer's Eve

Fri., December 31, 9:00pm

Metallagher's New Year's Dyer's Eve
Nate Patrin
If there's one thing the existence of Metallagher proves, it's that portmanteau-based novelty bands are only as good as what their name promises. But what could have been a throwaway Family Guy joke in less capable hands turns out to be a pretty amazing spectacle. You've got to give credit to anyone who can switch gears so effortlessly from Gallagher's nasal goofball observational prop comedy to full-throttle James Hetfield bellow, like Metallagher frontman Brent Hedtke does. And since the band tends to stick to the '80s vintage thrash wheelhouse that legit metal diehards venerated Metallica for, it's not out of the question to assume that these guys still have a certain sense of reverence about them. They already have some instantly notorious shows under their belt (including a December '09 Station 4 double bill with the genuine Gallagher that saw their comedy namesake get uncomfortably hateful), so of course they'd be a good bet to stage a memorably chaotic New Year's Eve show. Lots of things tend to drop on December 31—the ball in Times Square, the inhibitions of partygoers, various passed-out bodies—so why not add a watermelon-bound sledgehammer to the itinerary? And hey, it's not a truly great Auld Lang Syne unless you wake up the next day covered in debris with your ears ringing. 21+.