Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Review of our last show....

Some guy wrote this in his livejournal...I'd say he is spot on.

An Open Letter to Metallagher
Hi. My name is Bill. You might not know me but I've been a fan of yours since Jess told me about you last summer. I went and saw you open for D4 on the fourth of July and you were hilariously awesome. The whole idea of mixing Metallica and Gallagher was executed perfectly. I laughed and rocked in a way that neither act could provide on it's own.

I saw you again a couple of months later and it was just as good. An article was written about you in the Star Tribune and the house was almost completely sold out.

Then I heard that you were performing your last show ever opening for Doug Stanhope last Saturday. I was disappointed to hear that you were breaking up but excited to see you one more time. I told all of my friends about how I saw you twice and how amazing you were. When I got to the show Doug Stanhope was opening for you because who would want to follow you? You went on stage and half assed the entire performance. You didn't even have the Gallagher wig because you said you lost it at a previous show. You would start shitty Gallagher bits between songs but not follow through with them. Sure fruit was smashed but it seemed like you were going through the motions.

You broke my heart, Metallagher. You broke my heart.