Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gallagher City Pages Write-Up

Here's the link to an article that appeared in the City Pages shortly after we announced our show with Gallagher: Click!

Here's The Full Text:
Gallagher to play with Metallagher at Station 
By David Hansen in Upcoming ShowsWed., Oct. 14 2009 @ 8:00AM

Is it an act of absurd serendipity or an unholy union forged in cursed blood?

It was announced late yesterday--Metallagher, the local Metallica-cover band featuring a Gallagher-impersonating frontman, will be performing with the real live Gallagher (yes, he of the watermelon and the bad pun) on December 10 at Station 4. 

We aren't prepared to say that Gallagher has achieved "so-bad-he's-good" status, like so many ironic appetites have (you'd be hard pressed to find a copy of Melon Crazy in even the most snarkily hip hipster's album crate).

And yet this move strikes Gimme Noise as incredibly winning. The instant redeemer of all sins and transgressions is the self-effacing joke. And Gallagher's decision to let the grandest pun on his name, Metallagher, open for him shows, at the least, that Gallagher has a sense of humor about himself, if not about high-brow comedy.

We'll make the prediction now--those lucky enough to attend, and to see Gallagher perform his act before an intimate crowd, will find themselves willing participants in the charade, endeared by the prop-comic as they never imagined possible, and that Cheapo discs will record a sizeable spike in sales of the Melon-man's records.

We're intrigued. And as easily as we've made Gallagher the butt of tailspinning career jokes, we find ourselves already smirking, ready to re-evaluate a career that might have gotten more shit than it deserves.

All ages. December 10. $20.00 seating/$10.00 standing. Station 4, 201 E. 4th Street, Saint Paul

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